Superior Overlay Systems is more than just any surface overlay. Imagine designing and creating your own countertops, vanity tops, table tops, any surface where YOU CHOOSE COLOR AND PATTERN. Now it's possible!
We at Superior Overlay Systems believe our designs speak volumes about our capabilities to ensure high visual impact and the complete satisfaction of our customers. Last year alone, we achieved a 91% repeat or referral rate! Our competition can't come close to our design capabilities.
Our hand crafted layered designs create amazing 3 dimensional depth! Not the 'illusion' of depth, but layers of colors that 'float' within the surface design.
Our system is EPA approved, USDA approved, and 98% VOC free.  It is a concrete, acrylic, poly coating that makes it simple for us to bond to any surface or substrate.  Our system is concrete based, unlike other systems that are paint based.  Thus assuring the highest quality job at an affordable price.  The average job take about 3-4 days.
Our system is more cost effective than granite, corian or quartz.  See our product comparision page for more information.​

"Where imagination meets design."

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Custom 3D Surface Design
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Home * Office * Automotive
Any surface is our canvas!
Custom Picture Frames * Fireplace Mantles​
Window Sills * Valances​
Kitchen Counters * Bathrooms
Outdoor stucco​​
91% Repeat or Referral Rate!!​
No matter the condition of the surface, we can make it look amazing!  This exterior counter top was severely damaged by the elements. For less than $250, our concrete based system brought it back to life better than ever! 
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!  Superior Overlay Systems came to the rescue when a customer purchased a "Do-it yourself" kit from a local store.  As you can see in the slide show pictures below, the paint-based kit is not as easy as it seems.  Superior Overlay Systems was able to come in and not only provide the customer with the beautiful countertops you see in the pictures, but we were able to remove the raised range from his countertop creating a beautiful space in his kitchen.  Give us a call to save yourself time and money.  Get it done right the first time!  
Do-It-Yourself Disaster!
One of a kind
​Glow in the dark bike!
You choose your finish:  high gloss, satin, or matte.
You choose your edging:  natural, smooth, or chiseled.  
​See our designs page for more information.​
Custom guitar overlay for "US Stones" band.
High Performance Pontiac Magazine has contracted us to make the iconic firebird logo glow in the dark on this 2002  Mecham Trans Am.  Magazine is on stands NOW!  Get your copy and check out our article! Click here to see more pictures.
Superior Overlay Systems now offers cabinet refacing.  As you can see from this before and after set of pictures, an affordable refacing along with our overlay system can update your bathroom or kitchen at an affordable cost.
Now offering cabinet refacing!  Save $$$ versus replacing your cabinets!!
We can reface ANY surface in your choice of design and colors!